Summary of the first discussion of ideas for the brief

We analysed the brief, everyone demonstrated a good understanding of the strict rules of form the film needs to take – two character in a constrained space in two key scenes – first alone together, and later with others present. All other scenes must take place in open spaces.

We discussed the notion of the relationship between these two characters (and in what way it is changed in the presence of others) being the key to satisfying the brief and making a strong film that works well in its own right.
There was discussion as what should come first – a good story or good locations, with diverse views on the subject expressed.

In terms of locations, the London Eye was suggested as the constrained space – its cinematic and atmospheric, filming could potentially be arranged. It presents challenges such as continuity, and we would need at least 2 rides in the wheel, a pod to ourselves, and be very well rehearsed beforehand.

Other locations mentioned include waterloo bridge, a lift, the Houses of Parliament.

It was suggested that we should a set-piece opening shot, in the vein of Tarantino, possibly a sweeping tracking shot, that could be achieved using the camera clamp and a bicycle – possibly with a character cycling or running through open space – creating a strong introduction to a central character in open space, before the confined space provokes the plot.

The first round of ideas generated several suggestions:

Two gifted young footballers are friends, but also rivals as they vie for the same goal.

A kid loses his money (possibly by getting mugged), and spends the rest of the film hunting down the perpetrators with his friends.

A boy sells peanuts on Waterloo bridge, the Southbank is the location for the open spaces shots.

A boy is treating his friends un-expectantly to a day out in London – the key scenes take place inside a pod on the London Eye – is he treating them because he is unwell?

Two people are in a lift, one is popular, the other is unpopular – it is unlikely that they would get on, but they are friends secretly. Their relationship alters in the presence of others.

Perhaps there is more going on between these friends than expected – a subtext, something that they want to keep hidden from the judgment of their peers.

Final Film

Anybody got any ideas for the final film? If we want to film around famous London attractions we are going to need an appropriate storyline/plot. (respectable) Please feel free to reply…