Final Film Essai – Plot Proposal


Main Characters:

  • Character 1: He has two sides to him: on one hand he is the Popular Guy, Bit of a bully, Cocky or Boastful and on the other hand, in private or with his friend (Character 2) he can be caring, somewhat sensitive and protective.
  • Character 2: Shy, is often easily the target of ‘banter’ (bullying), doesn’t have a wide group of friends, is a bit of a geek –
  • Character 3: One of the mates of Character 1, ‘second in line’ in the group’s hierarchy. Jealous and vindictive and always does whatever Character 1 tells him to do. Has no real friends.
  • Character 4: Quiet, but has a quick temper, bit of a thug, he’s the ‘handyman’. sometimes comes to school late with a few bruises.

Plot Outline:

  1. Character 1 and his mates hanging out and fooling around until Character 1 heads off home – in a different direction to the others. 
  2. He then meets (it’s unclear whether this was pre-arranged) Character 2 (They take the same way home, have lived in the same, fair, neighbourhood for a long time) This could be the elevator scene or the ‘constrained space’. 
  3. New day, Character encounters Character 1, this time with all his mates around – they all spot Character 2 and make to bully him, as is usual for them. Character 1 holds back. Character 2 runs off.
  4. Character 1 is challenged by Character 3 about why he was being friendly to Character 2. Character 1 storms off angrily.
  5. At the end of that day Character 1 is seen on his own on his way home until he reaches the lift (The return to the constrained space) where Character 2 can be seen approaching from a distance. Character 1 tries to explain himself. Character 2 tries to reject the apology, but it’s clear through his expression that he’s torn.
  6. A scene with no dialogue where Characters 1 and 2 are hanging out and clearly enjoying each other’s company.
  7. Finishes with the arrival of the other characters (everything left inconclusive)