Saturday Filming Schedule

11:10 Film end of Scene One: Adi Departs Park, shot of Barnaby Following.
11:30 Relocate to constrained space
11:40 Film: Adi crouched reading his book, Shot first from above, then from side with view to where Barnaby will enter. They get on with one of their reading exercises
+ Film later scene where Barnaby apologises. + Final scene: Filmed on camera phone where the group discover Adi and Barnaby
12:40 Lunch Break
13:00 continue before lunch scenes
14:00 New Location: (South Bank) Barnaby and gang (what are they doing?) encounter Adi and this time chase him off
Same time, new scene: Barnaby is challenged by Asim on jetty about why he didn’t join the bullying of Adi (gang in the background)
15:00 Fin.

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