Days One and Two Rushes – Year 7 Scene 1


Year 7 Final Film: Script and Outline

CHARACTER 3: Alberto

Scene One:

Location: South Bank with lots of people – Waterloo Bridge.

Character 1 is rushing around, on arrival in the sheltered location they zip their jacket and hood up. They are trying not to be seen.

CAMERA: Still, cutting between various shots of the character’s journey to the shelter. Different shot types as we go.

Scene Two:

Location: Shelter

Character 1 looks lonely in the shelter. On their own, possibly hiding their face. Looking cold.

CAMERA: Inside the shelter, looking out. Possibly a point of view shot.

Character 1 is shown typing into his phone.

CAMERA: Closer to the character, cutting between his face and the phone screen

I'm not coming in - meet you in the shelter

Scene 3:

Location: Classroom

Sound: Ringtone. Character 2 checks their phone – it’s the end of class and he leaves school to meet Character 1.

CAMERA: Wide shot of the whole classroom with the student receiving the text closer to the camera. Shots of students leaving the lesson and moving to their next lesson.

Scene 4:

CAMERA: Montage of shots of weather based around the Thames. Shots of people on the street to reflect their reaction to the weather conditions.

Scene 5:

Location: South Bank

Character 2 is shown looking around

CAMERA: First person single shot

Scene 6:

Location: Shelter

Character 1 is upset, he wanted to get away from the bullying. 


C2: “What’s the problem?”
C1: [Shrugs, with his head in his hands.]
C2: “Come on bro, don’t be so sad.”
C1: [No reply]
C2: [Sits down quietly beside C1]
“Come on; I’m your best friend.”
C1: “Well…”
C2: “What is it?”
C1: “The Year 9s were bullying me.”
C2: [pats him on the shoulder]

CAMERA: When they first encounter each each other, filmed from inside the shelter – allowing a view of the weather, as well as the scene outside, possibly with Character 1 in silhouette.

During the conversation: starting with a two shot, filmed from the side. This is filmed from the outside. Additionally we could film some over-the-shoulder shots with a second camera.

Scene 7:

Location: Following Character 2’s path as he leaves the school.

Character 3: follows character two to the shelter, he lags behind, hidden from him. While the other two are in the shelter, he takes a photo of the two of them. He laughs.

CAMERA: 1st person view.


  1. Characters 1 and 2 look up and see their photo being taken
  2. A shot of the photo being photocopied in large quantities
  3. The photo being shared in a classroom on phones during reading time
  4. The jumper, tie or the paper gets stuck in the photocopier
    1. Characters 1 and 2 discover him and make a truce


Weather Montage Series

After examining a short film “Walden” (1969) by Jonas Mekas, the students headed out to capture the ‘effect’ of weather – and this time sound and editing were a significant part of the over-all process.

Alberto’s Weather Montage (Harley’s Version):

Reuben’s Weather Montage:

Jonaton’s Weather Montage:

Reuben’s Weather Montage (Version 2):

Thabit and Gabriel’s Working Rushes:

Le Meteo Exercise One: Lumiere Minutes

Week one of this year’s Film Club started brilliantly with a keen group of Year 7 students joining some of our more experienced members.

We got straight to it, and after a chat about the Lumiere Brothers and the constraints present in their film making (both the technical restraints of their early cameras and the more internal restraints of what they imagined was possible) we headed out to the South Bank to explore what a single minute of fixed shot filming could reveal about this year’s unifying idea: Le Meteo, the Weather.

I think you’ll agree that the weather was indeed a strong force in each of the “Lumiere Minutes” captured.