Year 7 Final Film: Script and Outline

CHARACTER 3: Alberto

Scene One:

Location: South Bank with lots of people – Waterloo Bridge.

Character 1 is rushing around, on arrival in the sheltered location they zip their jacket and hood up. They are trying not to be seen.

CAMERA: Still, cutting between various shots of the character’s journey to the shelter. Different shot types as we go.

Scene Two:

Location: Shelter

Character 1 looks lonely in the shelter. On their own, possibly hiding their face. Looking cold.

CAMERA: Inside the shelter, looking out. Possibly a point of view shot.

Character 1 is shown typing into his phone.

CAMERA: Closer to the character, cutting between his face and the phone screen

I'm not coming in - meet you in the shelter

Scene 3:

Location: Classroom

Sound: Ringtone. Character 2 checks their phone – it’s the end of class and he leaves school to meet Character 1.

CAMERA: Wide shot of the whole classroom with the student receiving the text closer to the camera. Shots of students leaving the lesson and moving to their next lesson.

Scene 4:

CAMERA: Montage of shots of weather based around the Thames. Shots of people on the street to reflect their reaction to the weather conditions.

Scene 5:

Location: South Bank

Character 2 is shown looking around

CAMERA: First person single shot

Scene 6:

Location: Shelter

Character 1 is upset, he wanted to get away from the bullying. 


C2: “What’s the problem?”
C1: [Shrugs, with his head in his hands.]
C2: “Come on bro, don’t be so sad.”
C1: [No reply]
C2: [Sits down quietly beside C1]
“Come on; I’m your best friend.”
C1: “Well…”
C2: “What is it?”
C1: “The Year 9s were bullying me.”
C2: [pats him on the shoulder]

CAMERA: When they first encounter each each other, filmed from inside the shelter – allowing a view of the weather, as well as the scene outside, possibly with Character 1 in silhouette.

During the conversation: starting with a two shot, filmed from the side. This is filmed from the outside. Additionally we could film some over-the-shoulder shots with a second camera.

Scene 7:

Location: Following Character 2’s path as he leaves the school.

Character 3: follows character two to the shelter, he lags behind, hidden from him. While the other two are in the shelter, he takes a photo of the two of them. He laughs.

CAMERA: 1st person view.


  1. Characters 1 and 2 look up and see their photo being taken
  2. A shot of the photo being photocopied in large quantities
  3. The photo being shared in a classroom on phones during reading time
  4. The jumper, tie or the paper gets stuck in the photocopier
    1. Characters 1 and 2 discover him and make a truce