Final Film Essai – Plan

SCENE 1: Film 30 May

Location: Lamp post. Poster, Static Long shot – Audience reads poster, 2 competitive friends grab tags. Loner sees poster and also pulls tag.
Camera follows Eugene.

SCENE 2: Film 30 May

Follow montage Eugene in south bank streets

SCENE 3: Film 30 May

Location: same follow Montage of Alistair and Barnaby

SCENE 4: Film 6 June

Band on Blackfriars Bridge: unsuccessfully busking (sound: music, no dialogue). Eugene gives money.

SCENE 5: Film 22 May

Jump Cut Sequence: Loner: practicing maybe with headphones. Alistair practicing confidently with banter. Barnaby singing while doing everyday tasks.

SCENE 6: Film 22 May

Audition scene: Audition Waiting Room: Eugene arrives first, Friends arrive second, confident friend goes first, interaction between remaining two, friendly, Capable friend goes in, perhaps no interaction between. Both friends leave and Eugene goes in to audition.

FINAL SCENE: Film 6 June

Long Take: Camera focuses on bank, moves off concentrating on the crowd, eventually Eugene emerges from the crowd and his reactions to the band with its new singer is shown through how he looks.