Days One and Two Rushes – Year 7 Scene 1


BFI Final Film Movie Script – Film Club!

Scene: 1

Location: School Maths Corridor

Characters Involved in the Scene: The Bully, Character 1 and Character 2

Camera starts at the Double doors then turns to the stairs where Character 1 and two would be walking from. The Bully sees them and hides so they won’t see him and he listens to their conversation. The Bully Discovers wdwhere they hang out every day after school so after school He leaves early.


.Character 1: *Sighs*

Character 2: *Looks at Character 1* Whats wrong?

Character 1: …I gotta tell you something.

Character 2: Ok. What is it?

Character 1: Well…You know what? *Waves his hand to the side* I’ll tell you at the shelter straight after school.

Character 2: Ok Then!…Wait!

Character 1: Hmm?

Character 2: Erm… Could you remind me where the Base is again?

Character 1: *Sighs* How could you forget?

Character 2: Well we did only create it a couple of Weeks ago

Character 1:…Fine. You know near the BFI? At the roof?

Character 2: *Nods then remembers* Oh Yeah! So we go there?

Character 1: Yeah!

Camera Angle: As they walk off, The Camera looks at the Bully getting up then goes in a different direction.

Scene: 2

Location: The Stairs what lead to the roof, The roof

Characters Involved in the Scene: The Bully, Character 1 and Character 2

The Bully Discovers where they hang out every day after school so after school when he leaves earlier, he goes to the Shelter. When he enters the shelter, He finds that there are Interesting and fun things there. Then the two Friends come and see him and at first they don’t trust him but to their surprise, He Befriends them.

Camera Angle: Turns as the Bully slowly walks to the Staircase of their base.

Bully: *Stops to look up then continues walking. He walks up the staircase and to their Shelter.When He comes up, His eyes open up in shock of how beautiful the scenery is* Wow! This is amazing. Up here you get a great view of how not only the sky looks but the roof looks amazing too…This “Base” looks awesome! *As he walks around, he starts to admire the place. Just then, The two friends arrive*

Character 1: What game did you bring again?

Character 2: Monopoly!

Character 1: Cool. I love Monopoly.

Bully: Nice! Can I play too?

Character 1 & 2: *Stare in Shock*

Character 2: Uhh…I guess-

Character 1:How did you get here?!?!

Bully: I sorta overheard you guys talking…Can I play with you guys? Please?

Character 1 & 2: *Turn to each other then whisper to each other*

Character 1: Sure…But please don’t be rude to us or cuss us. Okay?

Bully: Ok.

Camera Angle: As they start to sit down to play monopoly, The Camera Turns to the sky and the scene is over

Scene: 3

Location: Outside the Train Station

Characters Involved in the scene: Bully, Character 1, Character 2, Bully’s Friend

Camera Angle: Camera starts Facing the sky then comes down to the actors. (Zooms in if Necessary or needed)

Bully: Those were really fun rounds.

Character 1: Your Only saying that because you won most of them.

Character 2: You can’t chat! At least you won some…

Bully and Character 1: *Laugh in Unison*

Character 2: Man You guys are just bangouts at it…Hey how long is it until our train comes?

Character 1: lemme check *Checks Phone* uhh in a couple minutes. We gotta run! See ya!

Character 2: Bye

Character 1 & 2: *Wave bye to bully*

Bully: *Waves back. As they leave, the Bully starts to go on his phone and sits down on the chair and a couple of seconds later, His Friend arrives*

Bully’s Friend: *Taps him on the shoulder* Yo.

Bully: Oh. Hey!

Bully’s Friend: How’s your new friends doing?

Bully: *looks at his phone* What are you talking’ ’bout?

Bully’s Friend: Cut the Crap! I saw you guys hanging’ out!

Bully: Uhh…What? *Looks at his friend*

Bully’s Friend: Don’t try and play dumb with me! I saw you with the two Nerds a couple of minutes ago!

Bully:… *Looks back at his phone*

Bully’s Friend: Heh. Just you wait ’till I tell everyone at school!

*Camera Angle :The Bully’s Friend laughs as he walks off and the camera slowly zooms in on the Bully while closing the scene*



Weather Montage Series

After examining a short film “Walden” (1969) by Jonas Mekas, the students headed out to capture the ‘effect’ of weather – and this time sound and editing were a significant part of the over-all process.

Alberto’s Weather Montage (Harley’s Version):

Reuben’s Weather Montage:

Jonaton’s Weather Montage:

Reuben’s Weather Montage (Version 2):

Thabit and Gabriel’s Working Rushes:

Final Film Script Development

Situations where people may feel excluded:

  1. Card trading.
  2. Trading of more serious items.
  3. Being left out of an activity or not invited somewhere.
  4. Going to a film with brother and not asking a friend.
  5. Black/other ethnic child feeling left out of a group of predominantly white kids

What people do when they are watching something they’ve been excluded from:

  1. Discovering it on social media
  2. Stumble upon friends doing something they’ve arranged without telling
  3. Debate or ambivalence within yourself. Looking into distance – look away from object of envy
  4. Pretend disinterest – or create hostility.
  5. Do something stupid out of anger or frustration:
    1. Making a spectacle of someone
    2. See someone and confront them
    3. Leave and avoid the situation
    4. Continue watching from a distance

What groups do when an outsider appears as if they want to join

  1. Most of the group remain quiet – send an emissary
  2. Talk to each other skeptically
  3. Carry on as if they’re not there
  4. Invite him to join the activity
  5. Some people are hostile, but others are inviting – there is disagreement – schism



Outsider watching group revising/eating/playing – from a distance. Over the shoulder type shot.

// Cuts to Fantasy Scene 1b – where he’s with the others having a great time.


This time filmed with the group in the foreground who then leave together – one person remains and the outsider approaches. Friendly conversation – they are old friends, but one has started spending more time with the larger group.


Outsider plays skateboarding game/ Tech Deck.


Group actually skateboarding.


Ending options:

  1. Leaves alone
  2. Leaves alone but one guy from the main group breaks away and catches up with him – but they end up walking in opposite directions with a broken teK DeK symbolising his letting go of the desire.
  3. Skate park: A skater from the group gives the outsider a nod and gestures for him to join.

The film starts of as a flashback with a group of friends hanging out, two of them are really close friends and have been longer than with everyone else. One of them said that the are leaving to live in another country (America/Australia/New Zealand etc.) Flashback ends and goes to the next shot with the group of friends hanging out with two of them not their and they bring up how the guy that left was supposed to be back for about a month. one of the other friends that aren’t with them bumps into them and explains why he is not with them and then later ditches them. one of the boys of the group leaves the other to follow him to find out that he is meeting the guy that left. the next shot shows a conversation between the two and then they are interrupted by the follower. an argument soon break out which ceases when the rest of the group shows up because they were told to come to the location because their was a surprise. the character that is leaving tells them that for the holidays he is going to invite them over to the country. he also explains he wanted to spend his time here with his closest friend. after some apologies, forgiveness and small banter, the character leaves to go home (maybe include a good shot of him walking on the embankment bridge with a train passing by)