The film starts of as a flashback with a group of friends hanging out, two of them are really close friends and have been longer than with everyone else. One of them said that the are leaving to live in another country (America/Australia/New Zealand etc.) Flashback ends and goes to the next shot with the group of friends hanging out with two of them not their and they bring up how the guy that left was supposed to be back for about a month. one of the other friends that aren’t with them bumps into them and explains why he is not with them and then later ditches them. one of the boys of the group leaves the other to follow him to find out that he is meeting the guy that left. the next shot shows a conversation between the two and then they are interrupted by the follower. an argument soon break out which ceases when the rest of the group shows up because they were told to come to the location because their was a surprise. the character that is leaving tells them that for the holidays he is going to invite them over to the country. he also explains he wanted to spend his time here with his closest friend. after some apologies, forgiveness and small banter, the character leaves to go home (maybe include a good shot of him walking on the embankment bridge with a train passing by)

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