4 Shot Scene (Edit 5)

The film crew were given the task of filming a scene that consisted of three characters.

The situation was the same for each one. A person meets a pair, one of whom likes and the other who dislikes the intrusion of the first person. Each crew was given a different location: inside, at a table and in an open outdoor space. These scenes, each edited twice by different editing teams, explore the difference the location might make to how a situation is filmed and interpreted.

One thought on “4 Shot Scene (Edit 5)”

  1. this is bob. bob is here to say that bob and his group are attempting to improve this video. we are going to do some close ups at the bench. the last scene will be improved by us constructing a different ending between the characters. bob also wants to try to change the dialogue to add some tension to the film. bob is thankful for you reading bob’s comment.

    1) Different Ending: Confrontation between the 2 uneven men

    2) Dialogue Changes:More speech by all characters, and also talk about school
    3) Different Camera Shots: Variety of camera shots-close up, pan, mid shot, wide shot, etc.

    bob is excited about this video.

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