Final Film Script Development

Situations where people may feel excluded:

  1. Card trading.
  2. Trading of more serious items.
  3. Being left out of an activity or not invited somewhere.
  4. Going to a film with brother and not asking a friend.
  5. Black/other ethnic child feeling left out of a group of predominantly white kids

What people do when they are watching something they’ve been excluded from:

  1. Discovering it on social media
  2. Stumble upon friends doing something they’ve arranged without telling
  3. Debate or ambivalence within yourself. Looking into distance – look away from object of envy
  4. Pretend disinterest – or create hostility.
  5. Do something stupid out of anger or frustration:
    1. Making a spectacle of someone
    2. See someone and confront them
    3. Leave and avoid the situation
    4. Continue watching from a distance

What groups do when an outsider appears as if they want to join

  1. Most of the group remain quiet – send an emissary
  2. Talk to each other skeptically
  3. Carry on as if they’re not there
  4. Invite him to join the activity
  5. Some people are hostile, but others are inviting – there is disagreement – schism



Outsider watching group revising/eating/playing – from a distance. Over the shoulder type shot.

// Cuts to Fantasy Scene 1b – where he’s with the others having a great time.


This time filmed with the group in the foreground who then leave together – one person remains and the outsider approaches. Friendly conversation – they are old friends, but one has started spending more time with the larger group.


Outsider plays skateboarding game/ Tech Deck.


Group actually skateboarding.


Ending options:

  1. Leaves alone
  2. Leaves alone but one guy from the main group breaks away and catches up with him – but they end up walking in opposite directions with a broken teK DeK symbolising his letting go of the desire.
  3. Skate park: A skater from the group gives the outsider a nod and gestures for him to join.