One thought on “Final Film Improvisations”

  1. Group 1 – the use of the skatepark as a setting is excellent. The colours of the graffiti contrast well with the darkness from the concrete walls. This also makes a bug difference when put against the bright lights from the sunshine. It would be great if guy were able to capture these lighting conditions again at a later date (although tricky).

    I like how Rush 1 and 2 are almost identical but the second one is missing a character – this could be quite interesting to develop as a sequence, highlighting Samy’s isolation and his longing for his friend or to belong.

    Second Rush for group 2 is an interesting shot – over the shoulder, offers a different POV, almost as though we are following Louie. This has the potential to create an interesting sequence when combined with the fourth rush. I feel unsure about the victim becoming friends with his attacker at the end of the sequence – Im sure that this could be made believable, but it needs to be carefully developed more – it could make an interesting twist.

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